Christmas magic in Poreč

Christmas is almost here, the most important holiday and time of spiritual celebration. I was always interested in learning how Christmas is celebrated around the World. Sharing story about Christmas tradition and magic in my family and in Poreč is a great gift. It’s a perfect time to read about how we experience the joy of the season.

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It’s all about communication (useful Croatian words)

I remember that moment when my dad told me “Communication is the basis of all relationships. You have to speak the language of our guesthouse guests!“. I was 8 years old and thrilled at this possibility!

I learned German at school, later Italian and English language too. But I wanted to learn more and to practice my language skills and so I started pen palling. I found my pen pal friends in the magazine and newspaper advertisements 25 years ago. Today you can simply join a website (Interpals, Penpalworld,…), create a profile and find someone to write to.

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Food delights – Grilled marinated calamari

Istria offers a variety of excellent seafood, has its own style of cuisine and is a tasty gastronomic journey.

Grilled marinated calamari is definitely the food you have to try.

Here’s a receipt for my No.1 dish – Grilled marinated calamari a la Chef Biba (my mother) is a delight!

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