What to See in Poreč

Dear guest, welcome to Poreč, a charming touristy town with rich monumental heritage and history, a jewel among the Adriatic resorts!

You are in a city located on the west coast of Istria, the peninsula of sun and warm Adriatic sea, numerous small bays, the world’s most recognized extra-virgin olive oils and wines, the surroundings of natural beauty; the peninsula of history, tourism, entertainment, relax and sport at the same time. Istria provides the ideal conditions for a peaceful rest for couples and as a family destination but also more active vacations for partygoers, sports enthusiasts, and adrenaline seekers.

Photography enthusiasts can blow everyone up with a stunning sunset photo. Enjoy these breathtaking sunsets!

Poreč is most known for Euphrasian Basilica (on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997.) and two tourist resorts Plava Laguna and Zelena Laguna (Blue and Green lagoon) surrounded by pine forests, with beautiful beaches and numerous small bays. Guesthouse Pension Biba is located between these two lagoons in a quiet area surrounded by greenery.

Did you know?… According to selection by the New Your Times, Istria has been classified among 52 places to go for 2017 and by the Huffington Post, Istria is placed on the list of six European secrets.

The best time to visit Poreč and Istria is June till September, a time for sun, beach, swimming, water activities, and entertainment. Spring and autumn are the best times for hiking, cycling, sightseeing, and exploring the rest of Istria. The winter season offers events in the city such as Advent in Poreč, New Year’s Eve party, and Christmas concerts.

The surroundings of Poreč are an agricultural area where olive oil and wine are an integral part of the culture of living.

Did you know?… Istrian Olive oils and wines are often rewarded. Awards by Flos Olei (Best Olive Oil Region in the world 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 and World’s 2nd Best Olive Oil Region 2010-2015), Wine enthusiast (10 Best Wine Travel Destinations 2015), European best destinations (10 Best European Wine Destinations 2016),.

Poreč old town

Poreč with its Roman street layout, historical buildings, Venetian-style houses, and cobbled streets (main streets Decumanus Maximus and Cardo Maximus) is the ideal place to dive into the past. The most impressive old buildings are the Euphrasian basilica, Round tower, Romanesque house, Pentagonal tower, Marafor Square, Zuccato palace, and Roman ruins,…

Did you know?… The remains of the largest ancient temple (The temple of Neptun) from the beginning of the 1st century are located in Poreč (west of the Marafor Square).